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Specialized Sex Therapy Training for Mental Health and Health Care Professionals

Couples Therapy

Practical information and tangible solutions for today's busy professionals.

At Westland Academy of Clinical Sex Therapy, we provide accessible and innovative clinical sex therapy education that balances real-world therapeutic concerns, evidence-based practice, and the voices of the populations served. If you are a trained mental health care professional (or currently enrolled in training) and want to expand your knowledge around sex-based concerns, sexuality, and sexual dysfunction, you're in the right place.

Our Latest Online
Education Programs

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Sex and Gender 101

Penis Problems: ED, PE and DE

Bibliotherapy Book Courses

Painful Sex: GPPD

“I absolutely loved this course! I’ve read several books on GPPD and I found they were never as detailed or engaging as the course you have created. I feel like I have enough information to confidently assess and treat folks with GPPD and have an idea of what gaps I need to continue to fill in my training because of your course, so thank you!”
Kay Jenson M.Sc, Clinical Psychologist (Candidate Register)

they/them, NSBEP License #C10807, Blue Cross #10807A

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